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Mountain Flying

To us, the Appalachians are home. They are a beautiful display of nature and provide natural landmarks and beautiful scenery that adds to the depth of our pilots’ ability. But to many, they are daggers in the sky, obstacles that should be avoided at all cost, dangerous and unapproachable. Flatlanders often avoid our mountains because they simply do not know how to fly in them. Let us teach you how and introduce you to the beauty that before you may have only seen from a distance.

From student to ATP or flight instructor, our Mountain Flying Course is designed for pilots of various experience levels. The skills obtained from the course are helpful to pilots during many uncomfortable mountain-flying situations and will hopefully result in the safe operation of light aircraft in mountains and at high-density altitudes.

We utilize local airports and mountain top strips during the training. The three parts of the course can be scheduled separately and completed over an extended period of time or accomplished in one or two days, weather permitting. We recommend scheduling at least two weeks prior your anticipated start date.

With advance notice it is possible to complete the course in your own airplane. If you choose to train in one of our aircraft, why not combine your BFR, IPC or G1000 transition?

Contact us for more details or to schedule your Mountain Flying Course.