WNC Aviation…… it's time to be your own Captain

What FAA Pilot Certificates do you offer?

We offer the following certificates:
Private Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land
Instrument Airplane
Commercial Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land
Commercial Pilot Airplane Multiengine Land

Flight Instructor Airplane Single Engine
Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane
Flight Instructor Airplane Multiengine

Airline Transport Pilot

Do you offer accelerated training?

Yes.  All of our courses can be accelerated to reasonably meet your needs.  Our full time flight instructors are available 7 days a week to help you accomplish your goals.

How long does it take to become a Pilot? How much does it cost?

Students have earned their Private Pilot Certificate in as little as 35 hours of flight time under our 14 CFR 141 program. However, this is rare. The primary factor that influences both the total cost of training and the total time until completion is the frequency of your training. Students that approach their training like a “job” and train every day and study every night move forward very rapidly with very little regression between flights. Students who train only once per week can experience significant regression between lessons and will take many more hours of total training to complete any course. Remember, you cannot purchase a pilot’s license or any rating from any flight school or independent flight instructor. You must be able to pass the written and practical exams in order to achieve your license or rating.

Do I have to attend group classes in the evening or on the weekends?

No.  All of our personalized training is conducted one-on-one and our ground school is offered through a multi-media platform that is also available online. You can progress as quickly as you are able or as slowly as you would like. Our degree program with A-B Tech requires attendance to regularly scheduled classes as would be expected in any traditional college environment. You can learn more details about schedules and offerings at A-B Tech by clicking here.

Is there financing available?

Yes.  Financing is available from Pilot Finance Group and AOPA.  Applications are available at the school. In addition, we have been successful helping to secure financing through local financial institutions for career oriented students. Further, we are a fully approved to accept VA benefits for our veterans. Degree seeking students are also eligible for traditional student loans and financial aid. Both degree seeking students and non-degree seeking students may apply for scholarships through organizations like the Western North Carolina Pilot’s Association.

Can I use my GI Bill at WNC Aviation?


Can I use my National Guard TAP Funds at WNC Aviation?


How long is your runway?

The Asheville Regional Airport has the largest runway in western North Carolina. It is 8001 feet long, 150 feet wide and free of obstructions on both ends of the runway. That means AVL has more than 1 and 1/2 miles of runway for you to train on. This makes our field very comfortable for new pilots.

Are you inspected by the FAA?

Yes. Because we are an FAA Certified school, our training operations, as well as our aircraft, are required to be inspected by the FAA on a regular basis. Schools that are not certified, as well as independent flight instructors, are not regularly inspected in any of these areas. In fact, many uncertified schools and independent flight instructors may go years without any inspection by the FAA; many have never been inspected.

Are there any other FAA Certified flight schools in western North Carolina?


Do you require prepayment for training or deposits?

No. U.S. citizens are not required to pay a deposit, keep funds on account or pay an application fee. However, international students are required to pay an application/VISA fee and meet other proof and source of funding requirements set by the US Government.

Do you have housing?

There is currently no school sponsored housing available. However, we can assist you in finding suitable housing.

How old do you have to be to train and earn a certificate?

There is no age minimum for training, however, you must be at least 16 years old to solo and 17 years old before you take the Practical Exam better known as your "Check Ride.”

What are the physical and/or medical requirements to become a pilot?

Flying an airplane is not an excessively taxing physical activity.  Persons of modest physical ability and strength are routinely able to serve as pilots.  Individuals seeking a Private Pilot Certificate or higher will need to obtain an FAA medical certificate from a Designated Medical Examiner (DME).  This exam is non-invasive and usually takes about 30 minutes.  Overall health is assessed.  Individuals taking long-term medications are strongly encouraged to contact a DME early in the process. WNC Aviation does not and cannot give medical advice, however, we can share our experiences with you should you choose to disclose your medical history to us. For more information please visit:  http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/medical_certification/get/

I’ve already trained some at another school.  Can my training transfer?

Yes.  Most, if not all, of your training is transferable for most ratings.  We will carefully review your records and build a training plan that best utilizes your previous training. However, if you desire an aviation degree or desire to obtain a R-ATP certificate, your training outside of WNC Aviation may not qualify. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly.

Can I rent your planes after I earn my license?

Yes.  Many of our students become renters after achieving their license or certificate.  

If I complete your instructor course, can I work at WNC Aviation?

Yes.  All U.S. citizen graduates of the WNC Aviation Instructor Course are eligible for a position at the school with the approval of the Chief Instructor.