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For the purpose of providing you the most relevant information, we have divided our website training area into three main sections on flight training: Personal Training, Career Training and International Training. This is purely to assist you in learning more about the areas of our training that are the most meaningful to you. WNC Aviation students are not “locked” into any one category of training. WNC Aviation offers a full range of courses from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot in both single and multi-engine aircraft as well as all instructor pilot ratings. Please Contact Us, if you have questions or would like more information.

Personal Training:
This section is best suited to provide information to individuals interested in learning to fly themselves, friends and/or family for recreational or business travel purposes.

Career Training:
This section is best suited for individuals interested earning compensation for flying. This includes corporate pilots, charter pilots and commercial airline pilots that are US citizens. This also includes individuals interested in programs transitioning from OR into the US military.

International Pilot Training:
This section is for non-US citizens interested in obtaining an FAA certificate and non-US citizens interested in converting their current license to an FAA license.