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Personal Training

Pilot Training For Private & Recreational Goals

Learn to fly with Western North Carolina’s only FAA Certified Flight School. We have served local pilots and students or more than a decade. We are conveniently located at the Asheville Regional Airport in the newly remodeled Lacy Griffin Aviation Center. Every single day, we help individuals like you achieve their aviation dreams! Call us for more information at 828-687-7540 or email us an information request.

Available Training


Private Pilot

The Private Pilot Certificate is the foundation of all pilot training. Students will learn the basics of of aviation using a combination of home based study, one-on-one classroom instruction and flight lessons. After you receive your Private Pilot Certificate you will be able to exercise your pilot privileges to take yourself, your family and your friends further than ever before!


Instrument Pilot

For some time now you have enjoyed exercising the privileges of your Private Pilot Certificate BUT… have you ever been delayed by the weather or possibly had to cancel your trip all together?? Then its probably time for our instrument rating.
multi engine

Multi-Engine Pilot

Once you begin your multi-engine training, you are on your way to a whole new adventure in aviation. You can fly farther, faster, higher and carry more! The course is straight forward and focused on safety. Most instrument rated pilots can complete the course in approximately ten hours of flight time.

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Ready To Be Your Own Captain?

Give us a call to discuss your interests or contact us through email to request more information. We look forward to showing you the skies!