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Individual Courses

Technically, you can achieve your Private Pilot rating for less than $8,000.00 However, this is not the norm and is only accomplished by those that can train very frequently and those that arrive for each of their flight lessons with all of their “homework” complete.

Please contact us for additional information.

International Career Courses

(Private to Multi-Engine Commercial with and without Housing)*

This course is listed an example and provides 300 logged hours. We can customize a course to meet your needs. Call the school at extension 32 for more information.

Career Courses

(Private to Multi-Engine Commercial without Housing and College Degree)*

Click here: A-B Tech Aviation Management and Career Pilot Technology

Career Courses

(Private to Multi-Engine Commercial with Housing and College Degree)*

Call the school and dial extension 32

* Students with previous flight training will likely enjoy the benefit of transfer credit and/or a lower total cost. Please check our FAQ’s and call us for more information about customized training options or to review your individual situation!